Covid 19: Impact on Environment in Future

By- Manav sony


The Novel Coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2 has become one of the most dangerous disease in the history of mankind. It has affected millions of lives and destroyed a lot of families. The Virus has originated from Wuhan, China and has spread almost to around 213 Countries and Territories and has killed around lakhs of people till now. The sad thing is that we do not have any vaccine for this till now and therefore it is necessary that we make our immunities strong so that the virus does not enter our body and thus leads to a bigger problem. This virus spreads through Human to Human transmission which is by droplets while sneezing, coughing or talking. A person can easily get infected with the virus if he breathes the contaminated air which contains that particular droplets or touch any surface which might contain that particulate matter.

We all are now in the Lockdown Period for approximately 2 Months. It is quite difficult to go out and enjoy life like you used to do because the virus is deadly and it might also cause death if proper care is not at all taken. Also, there is a term called ‘asymptomatic’ which means that if you are not showing any symptoms of coronavirus i.e. Cough, Sneeze, Fever or Shortness of Breath, then also you are corona positive. Not only India, but there are various countries too that are in this phase and fighting a long battle against it. Through this article, I will be portraying various environmental impacts which we have witnessed due to the lockdown along with strong emphasis on two major environments i.e. Macro and Micro Environment.


As we all know, almost entire world is under lockdown. Lockdown has proven to be a full game changer in our lives. Earlier, entire day we used to be busy with our work and then come back to home and get prepared for the next day challenges. Now, we are just sitting at home, enjoying our time either alone or with our loved ones. We have played so many roles that we wanted to. For suppose, we are playing the role of a small baby who had the freedom of sleeping and waking up anytime whenever he/she wanted. We are playing the role of grandparents who sit at home and enjoy the nature. Talking about the environmental aspects, the biggest thing we have achieved is ‘peace of mind’.  We become so busy in our lives that we forget to check our mental health. If we the people work with a cool mind, then we might have a better and disease-free life which is also good for the environment. one thing which has polluted the entire world is nothing but ‘Fake News’. Like the way air pollution pollutes the air, fake news has polluted our minds. It is necessary that we stop this habit of spreading false news otherwise it will affect the minds of innocent mind very badly. Some people are so bored that they spread fake news all around through social media platforms. Although, we are seeing many good environmental aspects but this environment is widely polluted. My appeal through this article is that please do not forward such fake news and make people scared because people will die not due to coronavirus but due to mental trauma.


Covid-19 lockdown has impacted not only the mental environment, but also some other sources too which are discussed as follows:

Talking about Air Pollution, India along with various other countries have recorded minimum pollution levels because road transport, industries etc. are all closed. If the air pollution is controlled, it can help in reducing the risks of covid-19 infection and also climate change. The Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air has claimed that due to quarantine and immense travel bans, the carbon pollution levels have reduced to around 25 percent in China. This reduction in emission has almost saved around 78,000 lives. Between 1 January and 11 March 2020, Nitrous Oxide levels from cars, and other vehicles have fallen down drastically in the Northern Region of Italy (Po Valley). Economic Activities led to increased NO2 levels in Wuhan, China which spread to other regions also. But now, the levels have come down to 25-40%. Although Coronavirus led to a huge loss for the travel and tourism industry, but it has also helped in curbing pollution which was a major concern for all of us in order to survive peacefully. Even India has recorded lesser pollution levels. The second most populated Country after China has faced lesser air pollution as a result of which people can see things which were not actually visible due to immense air layer. From India Gate to Himalayas, everything is clearly seen by us.

Covid-19 has also led to reduction in water pollution. Ganga river has gone drastically clean. The Indian Government was collecting funds and they tried a lot so as to remove all dirt and garbage from the river. But they could not do anything. Covid-19 helped in reducing pollution and now Ganga water has actually become safe for drinking. In Venice, water in the canals have cleared and they have witnessed visibility of fish and greater water levels. Venice Water Department had claimed that due to reduced boating activity has led to visibility of water levels.

Looking into Forests, there has been a mass reduction in the ill human practices like deforestation and hunting of animals. Many forests have seen reductions to almost 50% due to this crisis. Even though we are having tough times, but Earth is actually closed for renovation.

Demand for Fish and prices have fallen down in the markets. Many areas have predicted that aquatic life will come back at an immense speed by mid- 2020 due to this increased demand. We can see animals coming out of their cages and walking freely around the streets because people are at their home. Animals are actually thinking that where are the humans? Have they got extinct or something? Now we all have become prisoners in a cage and animals have become free. We can see new species of birds flying high in the sky and enjoying the smell of nature. In Navi Mumbai, a bunch of seagulls have been seen at an isolated place which is quite an unusual site. The Maharashtra Government decided to declare the area as a sanctuary. People are now realizing the importance of wild animals. Even they have a life like we have. Gabon has declared a ban on bats and pangolins. People believe that bats are the reasons because of which this virus has spread everywhere.

Coronavirus has made a drastic change in the Economic Environment. The SENSEX levels have fallen down except for few sectors because they are the essential ones during this tough time. Medicine, Banks and some other essential companies have gained immense benefits which has given some hope for the country. Not only India, there are some other countries too that have faced losses. If this situation goes on, it will lead to recission for quite a long time. Countries will not have funds to run their economy. People will start losing jobs because companies will fall short of the funds to carry on the operations normally once again. It is estimated that it will take several years for the countries to get back to normal and thus make a fresh start.

Life will never be the same after this lockdown ends which means that people will have to wear masks and gloves and also have to maintain proper Social Distancing. This means that it has also changed our Social Environment. Restaurants will face a huge problem because now they will have limited customers and long queues outside. Offices will have to work with limited staff. The idea of Work from Home will be a common platform for the corporates. Even Schools and Colleges have to conduct online classes. It is quite difficult for them to conduct physical classes because social distancing has to be followed strictly unless and until we get a vaccine which can cure this deadly virus. Before hugging or shaking hands with our loved ones, we should remember always that we need to practice this method.

Technological Environment is the basic need for all of us during this tough situation. The use of AI and Robots and wider research for vaccines play a key role in attaining victory. Many Hospitals have appointed robots as nurses so as to provide medicines and other assistance to the Covid positive patients. This is a really good method because the lives of doctors are getting saved. It is believed that Artificial Intelligence will lead the world and will work in place of human labor. Hereby, we can see the future from now itself. The idea of Video Conferencing also has become a revolution for the countries. We are having important meetings through Online Platforms where dignitaries are connecting and having the proceedings. Instead of travelling, they are getting connected easily through their homes or places of work. We are also having tremendous workshops, courses and also training programs in which we all can apply and have a great time in learning new skills that can be applied after the lock-down ends. Even schools and colleges have adopted online classes where students are following the time table and hence having the classes normally.

Political Environment at our country is a big situation at our country as compared to other countries. India faces massive political issues even at this time of crisis. People are continuously requesting that there should not be any politics and all the leaders should join their hands so that we can get rid of this situation faster than expected. But here, we are seeing that each and everyone is blaming and accusing each other for the spread of coronavirus and also of imposing improper and unfair lockdown. Even, we are also facing communal riots. Religions are getting blamed and facing humiliation. We have to understand that this virus does not sees from which religion you belong, what is your caste, creed, sex, color etc. Anyone can get infected with this virus easily if proper precautions are not at all taken. We have not faced any single country having the same issue like India because of the poor literacy rate. Whenever we open the news channels or news pages at the internet, the day starts with an issue that one party is blaming the other and this cycle goes on continuously.  

One change we have seen that was a dream since long back was at Legal Environment. Law and Order have taken a new turn now. With the usage of E-Filing and Hearing of Cases through the medium of Video Conferencing, India has gained a huge potential in this regard. All the courts are having hearing through various video conferencing applications and thus having a step ahead in the motive of ‘Digital India’. In the field of Arbitration, we have also seen the popularizing of Online Dispute Resolutions where various startups provide a medium in which people can solve their disputes easily and in an affordable manner. We have also witnessed inauguration of E- Arbitration centers which is quite a great step. Not only India, but various other nations have joined this forum and therefore making a huge change. As per Supreme Court, one virtual court can hear almost around 40 cases through the method of Video- Conferencing in a day. The idea has been proposed since 25th March, 2020 when our Prime Minister announced a Nationwide Lockdown.  The 40 cases vision was given by a bench which consisted of Justices R Banumathi, Indu Malhotra and Aniruddha Bose. The Courts have postponed their Summer Vacations by five weeks which would remain functional from May 18 to June 19. Instead of all this, even Mock Parliaments, Moot Court Competitions and webinars by eminent legal personalities where law students gain immense knowledge and thus earn benefits in the field where they want to pursue. Legal World has completely progressed during this situation.


Coronavirus or Covid-19 has led to a change in a term known as ‘Human Ethics and Behavioral Pattern’ where we will be outlining some aspects in which we have recorded some changes and also various laws have come up for the outlined aspects.

In some Countries like India, the problem of spitting and peeing in public was a major concern for people and it also displayed a poor culture in front of the other Nations. Therefore, the Government has passed a law that spitting and peeing in public is now a criminal offence and it will lead to either imprisonment or fine or both. This disease has gifted us a law for which we were waiting for so long. Now no more dirty and smelly roads will be seen and also no more colorful walls due to spit through tobacco products. Many people have the habit of hiding things that means if they show any symptoms, they do not even go for testing which can lead to immense problem for the other innocent people. So, in answer to this, many Countries have announced stricter laws through which these types of people get scared and then report to the hospitals immediately. One such example is Saudi Arabia. If you hide any symptoms of the disease, then it will lead to imprisonment up to 5 years and fine up to rupees 500,000 Riyadh. Like Saudi Arabia, many other countries have raised voice and thus made stricter laws in order to stop a huge problem.


Through this article I would like to give a message to all the readers that whatever good aspects we have seen during this time should be adopted and maintained till lifetime. We need to understand that these changes should not be temporary as this disease is a revenge by nature to us that whatever bad deeds we did has to be stopped. We are not the conquerors of this planet. Nature is really very strong as compared to humans. It is the duty of us to protect the nature and safeguard it as it is a duty under Article 51g of Indian Constitution which says that:

“It Shall be the duty of every citizen of India to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wild life and to have compassion for living creatures.”

Though in Micro and Micro Environment we have seen some significant changes but it’s disheartening to see that there are any changes in Political and Social Environment. I appeal to all the Political Leaders that this is the time of unity and not riots and blame game. It will be quite better if we focus on migrant laborers and provide them with help and support then it will be a big problem. We will not die due to coronavirus but die due to hunger. The leaders should join hands and help in the progressing our country like Australia and New Zealand who collectively provided assistance to each other and won the battle easily.

Environment is our life. Without a clean and green environment, it will be tough for us to even breathe and have a comfortable journey ahead. We all want to live our life for long and take good memories to heaven. After lockdown we should be civilized and contribute to various NGOs in doing activities for betterment and not wasting money and celebrating the end of this disease or meeting friends for a long drive. The more we love our nature, the safer we are. The moral of this article is: “Never take things for granted”.

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